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Bangladesh Tour 2007


Sonali Othith’s Record Breaking Bangladesh Tour



Sonali Otith (Golden Past) Club UK on their third tour of Bangladesh have made new footballing records.  They played six games and won them all!

The team travelled the breadth and length  of Bangladesh , playing as far as Cox Bazaar , Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshai and the capital Dhaka.  This time the tour took on a added significance as the matches arranged all raised money for the victims of cyclone " Sidr" which had left parts of Bangladesh devastated making millions of people homeless.

The team managed to raise one and half  lakh taka (£1500) and entertained the huge crowds attending all the matches in the process.  The game at Chapai Nawab Gonj (area famous for mangoes) attracted almost 14,000 spectators- not bad for a friendly veteran's game!

All the players enjoyed the trip thoroughly, particularly  the warmth and hospitality received from the hosts.  Although the travelling was arduous ( 18 hours non- stop on occasions) it was definitely worthwhile and for a noble cause .  The team also donated money in order to help young local footballers who had incurred career threatening injuries.


In terms of football, the toughest game was against Chittagong and Sonali Otith Dhaka.  These two teams had fielded  recent and current Bangladeshi national team players.

Team leader and Secretary Dawlut Khan Babul thanked his mangers Jamal Uddin and Aroz Miah for working hard in  making  the tour a resounding success.  He particularly praised all the players for their patience, hard work and professionalism.  Jamalur Rahman was the star player scoring 10 goals - some spectacular ones which decided the fate of many of the games.


Sonali Otith is hoping to build on their success in Bangladesh by helping and encouraging all ex footballers in England and Bangladesh.  The tour has proven that through football relationships can be built and social causes can be address.  The main  point is that people can still live a healthy lifestyle after hanging up their boots on a serious basis!

Sonali Otith has recently become part  of the Bangladesh Football Association UK ( BFA  )and if anybody is interested in joining in their activities please contact Dawlut Khan on 07939-404101 or  Aroz Miah on 07949-204103 .  Indoor training is held at Mullberry School off  Commercial road every Tuesday 8-10 pm.  The team is getting ready to participate in the eagerly waited Summer League run by the BFA in May!


The Tour Results:

Cox's  Bazaar  4-1                  Rajshai  3-1

Chittagong  3-0                      Khulna  3-0

Dhaka Sonali Otith  1-0           Chapai Nawab Gomj  3-0


The Squad:

Dawlat Khan

Jamal Uddin

Aroz Miah

Mujahid Hussain

Goyas Miah

Zakir Khan

Habibur Rahman

Jilu Miah

Rekhon ali

Delowar Miah

Forid Ahmed

Noor Uddin

Salique Ahmed

Mujibur Rahman

Jamalur Rahman

Abdul Khalique

Manik Miah

Abdul Hoque

Shamim Miah